Supporting Groups

Kajian Akuntansi dan Manajemen Islami (KiAMI) FSI FEUI has two supporting groups, which are:

1. Internal Affairs, which concern about member development and ensure KiAMIerz feel comfort as long as KiAMI’s current period

Current Manager: Mardhiah Eka Citra (Accounting ’06)

Member: 1. Rifki Farasdak (Management ’07)

2. Sulistyoningsih (Accounting ’06)

2. External Affair, which act as public relation of KiAMI. Connect internal body of KiAMI with other party outside.

Current Manager: Teguh Iman Maulana (Accounting ’06)

Member: 1. Ardiansyah Selo Yudha (Accounting ’06)

2. Bayu Nuryanto (Accounting ’07)

3. Ananta Hagabean (Management ’07)

4. Fenno. Y Arnando (Accounting ’07)


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