Bubar n Timbul – KiAMI’s Gathering


At September 23rd, 2008 KiAMI FSI FEUI held “BuBar n TimBul – KiAMI’s Gathering” in Mang Kabayan Restaurant Depok.

Gathering was participated by almost KiAMIerz. We met in Taman Makara FEUI and went to the Mang Kabayan together. The gathering itself started on 05.00 P.M. which guided our nice MC, Cecep Rahmat Hidayat (Staff of MSG-Mgmt’07.

Continued by speech from KiAMI’s director Fazri Zaelani and a Tausiyah which came from Giri Suseno. In his Tausiyah, he said that KiAMIerz must did their best effort in socializing Islamic Economics concept among people around them. Referred to Al-Qur’an Surah Al Haysr “tell it despite of a verse”, he also reminded us not to keep by ourselves what we know about Islamic Economic, there must be a transfer of knowledge among us.We also did a mini game tightening our understanding one another.

Not far from it, the most favorite part was coming. Firstly we ate our Ta’jil (appetizer) to void our fasting, and were continued by Maghrib praying together.Then the main courses were fully dined by 17 persons just for some minutes hehehehe. The peak of gathering closed by exchanging present which previously must be prepared and brought by us. Every one got a piece of paper which written a number, he or she got a present which covered newspaper according to the number shown. There many kind of items like binder, ballpoint, asthray, pins, paper, and other unique items. This was a most interesting part of this gathering, there were some smiles, laughs, hopes and sorries when every one read the letter attached in the present.

We wanna say many thank you for:

all KiAMIerz who came (Director- Fazri, General Secretary-Anis, Managers-Fariz;Nia;Eka;Teguh, All of Staffs-Wina;Ardi;Giri;Cecep;Egi;Shinta;Rifki;Sulis;Bayu;Ananta;and Fenno)

Special Thanks for : Eka who celebrated her 20th years old birthday and subsidized our gathering, Anis our beloved General Secretary who always patiently guide and kindly gave us many chocolates in the end of gathering!!! hehehehe.

we hope our relationship will be almost of our life.

>external affair KiAMI<


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  1. hohoho

    that was a nice time we spent together,,,hope this happiness will last forever…:)

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